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Who We Are

Handmade Personal Care Inspired by Nature, Esse Organics was born with the mantra of healthy quality living. We believe what goes on your body is just as important as what goes in. We are dedicated to creating products that are from nature that have subtle refreshing fragrances, high-quality formulations, and present the full array of elements that nature has to offer.

Our handmade products are unique and proudly made right here in the USA. We opt for natural and naturally derived high-quality ingredients and formulations that are plant-based, cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, sulfates-free, and phthalates-free with no harsh chemicals. We source locally from farmers and nurseries in our community and support farmers and nurseries nationwide who meet our rigorous quality standards, as well as growing ingredients in our on-site garden.

Providing only the best handmade products to relax and soothe both body and mind in small batches to ensure quality and nature's goodness. We offer a wide selection of carefully crafted bath, body, and home products that elevate your senses and creates a captivating experience. Never compromise or settle for less, we believe you can feel luxurious without breaking the bank, with our sustainable handmade products that is sure to make you say WOW!.

Discover the delights of our handmade assortment of products, curated just for you.